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Wrong fuel in your car?


Available in entire Belgium and Luxembourg! 24/24

SOS Fuel Assist is the best solution for immediate and professional removal of wrong fuel in a vehicle. Our local specialists intervene on the spot, where the vehicle is, with top of the line equipment and best care. 24/24

No need to tow the car to a garage!

+32 (0)78 35 31 20
+352 20 20 23 80

Get help NOW!

Don't start the engine. Our expert technicians are ready to come and help you where you are in case wrong fuel has been put in your vehicule. We arrive on average withing 45 minutes.

Save money and time!

Don't waste time and money. We will reach out to you and get you on the road within less than 45 minutes. You save the towing and the "unknown" cost at the garage for the repair!

Safe and sound!

Absolutely no risk for the vehicle! SOS Fuel Assist uses the best equipment and works with specialized technicians to ensure the safest service. We also optimize the recycling of the contaminated fuel.

Putting the wrong fuel in a car is a common problem motorists face. With SOS Fuel Assist your problem can be solved quickly and safely. Our roadside fuel drain service means that you do not have to worry about having your vehicle towed to a garage to have the problem solved.

Within 45 minutes you are back on the road!

+32 (0)78 35 31 20
+352 20 20 23 80

Following a request, an expert technician shall be on the spot within the next 45 min. and safely drain the wrong fuel within 15 minutes. The car is therefore back on the road faster. Without the waste of time and the expenses of a towing to a garage.

Highest level of expertise

All our technicians are certified after passing an intensive training specifically developed for mobile misfuel intervention on all types of vehicles.

Beside their specific technical expertise and background in roadside assistance service, all operators also carry proficiency degrees in handling dangerous goods, ADR certification or alike.

Safe for you and your vehicle

The equipment we use, the expertise of our technicians and the thorough process that is followed ensure that the vehicle receive the best treatment. The SOS Fuel Assist solution is perfectly safe for the vehicle.

Specific signage is put in place at the location of the intervention in order to secure the area from any potential risk (do not smoke / do not use cell phone/…). The induction program of all the expert technicians also include a Health & Safety and environmental training.

Economical: the best for less

The car is back on the road in very little time. Without the waste of time and the expenses of a towing to a garage. But it also avoids the “unknown” costs for the repair at the garage and the waiting time to get it done.

This is without mentioning that it is not unlikely that the garage induces replacement of expensive parts, also resulting in the immobilization of the vehicle and the need for a rental car: a huge invoice at the end.

Best practice for the enviroment

SOS Fuel Assist partners with recycling companies proving the highest possible recycle rate of contaminated fuel. The EC legislation for disposing of contaminated fuel is met at minimum, if not exceeded.

The van operating the intervention includes a completely sealed compartment to prevent any leakage even in the theoretical case of the worse situation.

Everywhere we can, we host the mass storage tank ourselves.


The SOS Fuel Assist dedicated vans are equipped with mobile payment terminals. Therefore payment can be performed by use of any major credit (MasterCard, Visa, Amex, …) and debit (Maestro, Bancontact, Mister Cash) cards. For your safety and the safety of our technicians on the road, this payment method is favored over cash.

Top of the line equipment

SOS Fuel Assist uses only unparalleled quality equipment provided by the most experienced providers in the field. The equipment used by SOS Fuel Assist is ATEX and UN IBC approved for safety, with certified design. The intervention van is fitted with specially developed roadside uplifting equipment.

A monitoring system accessible remotely completes the fitting of the equipment of the van which ensures quality monitoring of the process for each intervention. The maintenance of the equipment is timely managed centrally.

  • What to do in case wrong fuel has been put in a car?
    Don't turn on the ignition or start the engine. This would circulate the contaminated fuel and increase the risk of damage which could be expensive.
  • Can SOS Fuel Assist help in case of a misfuel with motorbikes?
    Definitely. The SOS Fuel Assist solution works as well for motorbikes.
  • What is the impact of using the SOS Fuel Assist on the manufacturer’s warranty program?
    Car manufacturers often recommend change of parts in case of misfuel which is steering the repair costs to very high expenses (above € 1.000 and sometimes much more). However in the last few years, based on proven data, a few car manufacturers have decided positively towards using the mobile assist intervention in case of misfuel when operated under strict quality process like the SOS Fuel Assist solution. With our partners we are engaged in continuous demonstration of the benefits of the solution we provide, and we trust that more car manufacturers will endorse the mobile intervention service of expert providers in case of misfuel in the near future.
    The process and solution implemented by SOS Fuel Assist achieve a success rate of 99% on misfuel cases handled at the roadside.
  • How long does a SOS Fuel Assist intervention take?
    A local expert technician is dispatched with a dedicated van to the car following the request. The time to reach the stranded vehicle depends upon the distance, the local traffic conditions and other factors, but is targeted under 45 min. The draining operation itself takes between 20 to 40 minutes depending mainly upon the type of vehicle. The objective is to get the customer back on the road again with his own car within one hour and a half. And to achieve this with no towing and the most cost efficient cost possible.
  • Does the SOS Fuel Assist solution work if the ignition has already been turn on, or the car driven with the wrong fuel?
    The SOS Fuel Assist solution is efficient both in case the car has not yet been started with the wrong fuel in, or in case the car ignition has been turned on or even if the car has already been driven.However to minimize the risk of damage on the car it is recommended not to turn the ignition onif wrong fuel has been put in.

SOS Fuel Assist is a brand of T3C bvba
A Belgian company with company number BE 0652.615.802
Maalderstraat 5, 2890 Sint-Amands, Belgium
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